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Understanding the RAC Services

RAC believes that using the right tools for the job is essential for success. The services below are available to all clients. From beginners to seasoned pros, I welcome all!

RAC Virtual Services

RAC Services Include....

Website Development & Deployment

RAC will teach you how to build your own website, understand how to manage your site, and then guide you through the deployment process.

Artist Statement

Artist statements is your way to tell your audience about your creative process, and why you are an artist.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

Cloud storage makes your digital life easier. Plus, it will save your ass if your computer, hard drive, or iPhone dies. Let RAC help you understand how to use cloud storage, and which provider is best for you.

Artist Residencies

Artist residencies are a wonderful experience for artists. And they are highly competitive. You need to get your ducks in a row when applying. RAC can help!

Digital Portfolio

This is not your website. A digital portfolio is a great tool for submitting to many different opportunities. Plus, you can print a digital portfolio to deliver to potential collectors and customers.

Artist Business Management

Do you have a retail license? Are you insured against theft, lawsuits, or injuries? When is the last time you calculated your expenses and adjust for potential growth? RAC takes the business of being an artist seriously. Budget, Taxes, and Pricing are some of the topics included with the ABM service. 

Artist Resume / CV

What have you done lately? Have you recorded all your exhibitions? Where you featured in a local publication? What about that artist's talk you gave last week? Having a updated Resume/CV is a must! RAC will help you develop a professional Resume/CV.

Digital Photo Editing

 Understanding scale, photo resolution, and how to crop an image is a must for artists. Don't worry, you don't need to buy expensive software to make this happen.

Grant Writing

Grants are awesome! RAC Founder Rolf won a Grant. Let RAC guide you through the process of preparation, applying, reviewing, and finally submitting your grant

Artist Bio

People are fascinated by artists. Who they are. How they make their art. Art collectors are especially interested in learning about artist. So why not let them know. An artist bio is a great way to introduce yourself to the world.

Photo Shoots

Location, location, location. Where you take your pictures is so important to how the overall aesthetic of your pic will be. Social media posts, head shots, documenting artwork, all require great photo shoots. RAC will educate you on how to use your environment to your advantage.

Market Research

You must know your local and national art market to scale your art career. RAC has developed a system the will guide you through the process of creating a market research plan.

Robust Marketing Campaigns

You MUST let your audience know what the heck you are offering, and how the heck to get that thing you do. Having a list of contracts synced with your email and marketing service will improve your reach as an artist, and generate more sales. Plus, don't you want to make some more money?

iPhone Video Production & Uploading

Let your iPhone free you from the need for expensive video editing equipment. RAC will train you on how to get the most out of iMovie and how to post your videos to various platforms.

Artwork Critiques

Rolf loves critiquing artwork. Rolf loves critique groups. Joining or creating a critique group in your area is a great way to advance your art career. Let RAC help you.

Digital Portfolios

Digital Portfolios offer a great tool for submitting to publications, galleries, grants, and more. And a great tool to decide what artworks to use for applying.

Exhibition Proposals

Exhibitions are what wonderful experience for artist. But getting through the gatekeepers can be discouraging. RAC can help.

Art Collecting

My favorite part of being an artist, is finding a forever home for my artwork. RAC loves connecting art collectors with talented artists. Let RAC find that artwork you are missing from your home.

Cultivating Social Media

If you are not involved on some type of social media platform you are missing out on potential customers. RAC will help you build followers and give you input on what the heck is Tik Tok.


With over ten years experience as a professional artist, Rolf has a solid foundation on the submission process. 

Embracing Documentation

If you neglect to implement a successful documentation system, you are losing potential income. RAC is very confident in helping you create a fluid documentation process.

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