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This RAC Instructional Workbook titled, "You Can't F#ck This Up", is developed and design by me, Rolf Anthony Young, Founder of RAC. I have been practicing the arts for over two decades and the process still fasinates me to this day. While I love making art, sharing my experience as an artist is something I love to do. This workbook, does that!


As the title suggests, you can't f#ck it up. What I mean is, when you are making art, particularlly, abstract art, you must embrace your mistakes. This workbook is deciated to the inner abstract expressionist within you. Please note: this is not a how to book. Instead, I present my 5 steps to creating an abstract work of art. I want to challenge you on the notion of how to make an abstract painting, so you can discover new ways to express yourself. Enjoy!



You Can't F#ck This UP

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