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From 2013 to 2015, I released underground experimental electronic music under the alias LoW BiT LoGiC. During this time, I was fully invested in the producing sounds that I wanted to hear, dance too, and meditate too. I have no formal music training. I can not play an instrument. But I love electronic music since the 90's.


This is a collection of my best work during this period. I created, produced, and mixed all 18 tracks. At the time of creating this music, I was listening to Hot Since 82, David Lynch music, Apex Twin, and strange video game soundtracks. Below is the track list in alphabetical order. If you purchase the this album, it downloads as a Zip File for you to listen too, remix too, or get high too :) Enjoy!


- Rolf Anthony Young, aka LoW BiT LoGiC


Track List:                       Track Length:

4 Point o  ------------------------------------------------- 9:16

401 --------------------------------------------------------- 3:30

7425 -------------------------------------------------------- 7:53

Bottom Feeder ----------------------------------------- 4:07

D.M.I.D.E.I.E ---------------------------------------------- 8:21

Dark Desires Part I ------------------------------------- 3:43

Dark Desires Part II -------------------------------------7:41

Dark Desires Part II ------------------------------------ 4:42

Escape Baby --------------------------------------------- 5:45

Holy City Sinner ----------------------------------------- 6:37

MaZe -------------------------------------------------------- 5:24

Particle ----------------------------------------------------- 8:07

Past Present Future ----------------------------------- 4:40

reckless love (you are my) --------------------------- 5:46

Slow Death ------------------------------------------------ 4:06

StressBaLL ----------------------------------------------- 11:11

The Lean Days Of Determination ------------------ 8:01

Thinking of Trent ---------------------------------------- 4:41

The Computer Made Me Do It!

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