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Things Fall Apart. For anyone walking this gorgeous plant, at some point...things fall apart. It might be something mirror, or, something serious. But life will put a hurtin' on you, and you will need to respond in either a healthy way. Or, like me for many years, sink into substance abuse.


RAC Audio Recording 03 - Things Fall Apart: Part 2, continues my story of being admitted to the psychiatric hospital in Culver City, California. This espisode focuses on my admittance and how it felt to be placed in a psych ward. I thought I could stop at Part 2, but I will record Part 3 because there is so much to unpack here.


I hope to shine a light on those who work at psychiatric hospitals and devote their lives to helping those who are helpless. This is a detailed account of my own personal experience that I wish to share to those over the age of 18. God Bless....



RAC Audio Recording 03 - Things Fall Apart: Part 2

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