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Things Fall Apart. For anyone walking this gorgeous plant, at some point...things fall apart. It might be something mirror, or, something serious. But life will put a hurtin' on you, and you will need to respond in either a healthy way. Or, like me for many years, sink into substance abuse.


RAC Audio Recording 02 - Things Fall Apart, is my story of when I was admitted to the psychiatric hospital in Culver City, California. There is so much to unpack with this particicular experience in my life, that I felt that I should release Things Fall Apart in parts, instead of one long verison. 


So, for Part 1, I tell the begining that leads up to my admittance into the hospital. This is an adult recording so please only purchase and download if you are 18 or older. God Bless....



RAC Audio Recording 02 - Things Fall Apart: Part 1

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