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Encouragement. It is something we humans all need. At some point in our lives, someone stepped in and provided encouragement. For me it was my youth tennis coach "CT", that gave me a great foundation of encouragement as a teenager. I believe encouragement is something that helps us grow.


For this first ever RAC Audio Recording, I decided to spent about 10 minutes discussing, how I can encourage you. This is not a podcast. This is instead a mind alternating experience to provoke positivity in your life. After years of making iPhone recordings for myself. I have decided to share this model with you, the public.


Download the audio file. Play it once or pay it a hundred times. What I want to provide you is the begining of a positive support system within you. In this audio recording, I give you tools to get you motivated, and start to really build something great within. Share this recording with family and friends. I hope this plants seeds of greatness within you. 



RAC Audio Recording 01 - Encouragement

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