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Have you ever wanted to start your own clothing line? Ever wonder how to take your fashion ideas and sketch them out? Maybe you have a big event coming up and want to wear something unique but you want to sketch out your idea before you buy something. Let me introduce you to my RAC Instructional Workbook "Intro to Fashion Design".  Developed over the course of a year, I, Rolf Anthony Young, Founder of both RAC and ROLF Fashion, built this workbook to guide you through my way of creating your very own fashion design sketches. So you can create the next great garment, or, like me, start your own clothing line. 


I use a simple approach to building a "croquis", a french word for sketch, and take the time to teach you to create fashion designs sketches that will amaze you! Once you learn my method, you will discover a level of creative freedom you didn't know you had. Best part is, once you build your first croquis, the fashion world becomes a huge sandbox to play in. So don't fear my friends, my RAC Instructional Workbook Intro to Fashion Design will lead you to many new opportunties to breathe life into your fashion career. 



Intro to Fashion Design

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