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I was the recipient of the 2023 Emerging Artist Grant from the South Carolina Arts Commission. It is an unbelieveable honor to win this award as a South Carolina artist. Winning the EAG has done wonders for me in the art studio, and also outside of the studio. What I have learned from winning this grant, is that many people wonder how I did it. This got me thinking....


Welcome the RAC Instructional Workbook, "How to Apply for the Emerging Artist Grant". I provide an in-depth account of how I created my application for the grant, the materials I used for the category I applied under, and finally, the method of how put it all together. After you have followed my steps, you will not only have a strong application for submission, but a better idea on how to apply for grants in the future.



*This workbook is only for South Carolina Creatives.

*This workbook will NOT guarantee you of wining the EAG.


How to Apply for the Emerging Artist Grant

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