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This RAC Instructional Workbook titled, "Get Your Art Out There!", is developed and design by me, Rolf Anthony Young, Founder of RAC. I have been practicing the arts for over two decades and the process still fasinates me to this day. While I love making art, sharing my experience as an artist is something I love to do. This workbook, does that!


As the title suggests, you, the artist, have a responsiblity to get your art out into the World. Now, you can spend a great amount of time figuring this out on your own, or you can buy a copy of my workbook and learn from me. Making art is a priority of mine but there is more to being an artist than making art. It is your job, no your mission to share your work with the world. This workbook, "Get Your Art Out There!", helps you with this process. Enjoy!



Get Your Art Out There!

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