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What I have learned from far

If you would have told me 6 months ago, I would be deep into understanding stitch length, width, and searching for diverse fabric patterns....I would have said put the joint down bro. Seriously, I never imagined that I would have fallen in love with sewing. The fact that I have the ideas for fashion, but now can begin making my own way forward with these ideas is unbelievable. But better yet, the beginning of my journey really started when I ordered my first customized shirts from a UK vendor. I received the shirts and to my surprise, I didn't have the feeling of success that I felt when I present my artwork to an audience. Something was missing. But what was it? For a few months I thought that maybe it was the colors. Or the type of graphics I decided to use. Or maybe I should have chose a long sleeve shirt. I couldn't figure it out but something was missing.

After a few events with my ROLF Booth, I knew the shirts had to go. So I mailed them off to a friend, and washed my hands of the idea. But something was still telling me, deep inside of me, that I must continue the effort with fashion. I thought about ordering more socks. Again, designed by me, and made by the same UK vendor. But I didn't want to go down that path. Plus, the expense was too much for me at this point in the year. I had other art projects to work on. Then over July 4th holiday, I found myself in a Michael's, and noticed that I had over $80 dollars in vouchers. What in the world could I use $80 dollars in vouchers Michael's? I wondered the store and ended up in the Yard & Thread section. And then it hit me. A sewing machine. This is the answer. A damn sewing machine. I selected a model and started to read the box. I can do this, I told myself. What is the worst that could happen. A Michael's employee walked by and told me "sir, that is a mending machine. You want a sewing machine." I put the small box down, and found the Singer Fashion Mate 5560. I bought it that day, with some thread, and have never looked back.

My current sewing projects include, my first complete pocket square, three ROLF WTF Tees with patches of fabrics sewn on, and sewing fabric on my first hoodie. I have turned my bedroom into my sewing room where I cut out my fabric, iron it, and sew it as best as I can. Ideas mount for making more pocket squares but I know this is a slow burn. I don't want to break my sewing machine in a rush to get an idea out. Sewing has become a welcomed surprise to my creativity. It offers something unlike my other art projects....patience. And knowing when to say when. I am excited to see what happens over the next two months, especially since I am uploading new materials to as quickly as possible. I don't trust myself yet with hand sewing yet, and will see if I can take a workshop or two on sewing through a local store. But, the best thing is....I am having so much fun. Who knew. So try something different next time you are wondering around Michael's. You might just buy a Singer too.


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