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This is Happening

On Wednesday, September 6, 2023, I experience an event unlike anything I have previously felt, seen, or participated in. "This is Happening" was so unique, but I just say, you had to be there to really experience what occurred at the Commonhouse Aleworks on a hot and humid September night. Let me say this, that I have had experience in the past with art shows, corporate events, and most recently, vending opportunities. But TIH, was unlike anything I had been apart of before. The fact that I was able to get my friends to join me in my dream is what makes TIH so much sweeter. From speaking to people who attended the event, everyone has said positive things. And what I am quickly learning, is people want to know when is the next one? How sweet is that?! That my dream can become a reoccurring experience in Charleston, is what makes all the hard work possible. And yes, there will be another TIH in 2024. My creative team and I are already at work planning the next one. I promise to make it bigger and brighter and better than ever.

So what did I learn from the experience of putting together an event like TIH? Team work, team work, team work. Team work makes the dream work, is so true. After delivering a solo fashion show in my mom's garage in the Spring, I knew I needed people and an event to make my fashion line a bit more important. And that is what fu#king happen y'all! People joined in and we created something so special that I hope if you are on the fence about your event....don't be! Make it happen. It is completely worth it. Also, planning your event is key to the success as well as rehearsals. Practice, practice, and practice. It is important that everyone involved knows what to do and where to be during the event. And finally, keep it simple. This doesn't mean your event is simple, but keep the parts involved simple. TIH is a fashion show / poetry reading. That's it. Everything else supports the major functions. And believe me once your event is over, you are going to want to do it again. And that is what is happening with me and my team. Good luck y'all!

To close, I thank all of those involved and those that came to the event and shared in a wonderful experience. And yes, TIH will returned in 2024. The Best Never Rest, and my team and I don't because we all believe in TIH. And if you get a group of people together believing in something bigger than themselves, nothing can stop you!


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