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Pure Comedy.....or talking sh#t at an iPhone

There is something very magical about telling jokes. And seeing people laugh at the sh#t you say. It is a feeling unlike anything else. While I have not stood up in front of a live audience, just yet, I did host my very first comedy show this past Saturday, August 5th, on Instagram Live. I believe I had 2-3 followers join my live stream which was amazing. I don't know if they connected with me the whole 30 minute show, but I love them for it no matter what. Best part is, I was able to download the live stream and upload it to my YouTube Channel (@rolfanthonyyoung) forever...LOL. This allowed me to link this video to my art website ( and have a wonderful connectivity to the internet. Maybe the boldest move was to post a short video or reel as the kids say to my LinkedIn account. Yeah, corporate America needs to laugh as well.

Today, I will release another reel of a joke from my Saturday night show to my Instagram. I plan to populate my Insta Stories with short reels of my Saturday night show. I hope this encourages people to laugh at my thoughts and words I have created. Or at least smile? I hope there is some connectivity with my material. And I do think about random sh#t all the time. But creating jokes from that material takes practice. So if I apply the 10K hours rule, I will be a master standup by my fifties. Boy that is encouraging LOL. But really, its about putting in the work. And I truly love comedy. One of my childhood friends and I, would practice standup when we where 12 or 13 years old. I guess I have been waiting for this moment to arrive.

While telling jokes into my iPhone builds up focus, hones delivery, and creates some type of system, I will need to go in front of a crowd. I know this. You know this. And that is the goal. A week from today, I plan to attend a comedy open mic night at the Sparrow bar in Park Circle, and do my best. I truly believe that this is the next step in my creative process. Plus with my event upcoming up in September 6th, "This is Happening" , I need to speak in front of an audience as much as possible. Go Rolf Go!


ROLF Comedy Show: 01

This is Happening

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