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Believe In Your Network.....

Wow, haven't done a blog post in a years! I thank WiX for allowing me to channel this creative outlet for me again. I can't say how frequent I will post but I will make an attempt at using this platform to focus on the efforts I am doing surrounding my companies, ROLF & RAC, as well as shit happening in my studio.

This week, my friend Chris and I met at the Orange Spot Coffee Shop in Park Circle for a photo shoot. Up until this point, I have never worked with someone as a model. It has been 100% me. All me. And you know what...I am sick of me LOL. So when I decided to launch my latest line of hand painted ROLF WTF Tees....I knew I had to find someone to model my gear.

I feel very fortunate to have a great variety of friends, who each generates wonderfully unique and creative things. My friend Chris is one of these friends of mine. I met Chris at open mic nights throughout the Charleston area. What Chris does so well is his speaking about his poetry. He is a wonderful human and very kind to others. Also, he has a theater background and loves to model his friends clothing. I started noticing his posts on Instagram that feature him doing different poses and I loved them! I knew I had found my model, my ROLF model.

After coordinating schedules, we decided on a date and time. As luck would have it, it was pouring rain on the day of our photo shoot. That didn't stop us! We found a great spot, covered, and had a natural runway for modeling my clothes. In about hour, I had 40 plus images, and a great video that has reached over 200 views on Instagram in less than 2 days. For me...that is amazing! So, what have I learned from this experience? Network. It is all about your network. As an artist, I love doing everything. Gives me great comfort that the thing I made is all me. But that doesn't really work for art projects that are driven my a consumer base. The Tees I am selling are for people. And, I need people to get the people going...

And after months of using only me, it was so liberating to finally get out of my own way and let Chris do his thing. And man.....he fucking nailed it! So, in closing, reach out to your friends. Use your network because great things happen when two or more forces come together.


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