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Georgette, My First Mannequin

I never really understood why mannequins exist. Most likely this was my ignorant understanding of fashion but I thought mannequins just had a single purpose; hold clothes. Boy, was I wrong. If you don't follow my Instagram accounts (@rolfanthonyyoungart & @rolf_fashion) I have been taking a deep dive into sewing, and bringing to life my ideas of fashion surrounding the cotton t-shirt. I am branching out into making pocket squares (The Bee's Knees is currently available at my shop: and I am currently working on a hoodie. But what I lacked until yesterday, was a mannequin. After spending the last few weeks using clothes hangers, door frames, and other hanging places, I knew it was time to find a mannequin. The Universe has spoken, and I knew my direction as a fashion designer could be improved tremendously by adding a mannequin to my tool kit. Praise God! Amazon had a few models to choose from.

I decide to keep my expenses low for a mannequin; under a $100. To my surprise, I found plenty to choose from. I decided on a simple black mannequin featuring a woman's body that was light weight and I could take anywhere with me. I do have thoughts about bringing a mannequin to events, but wind could cause the mannequin to become air borne. Yikes! That could be a funny headline in the Charleston City Paper. I will worry about this later. What IS important, is Georgette is with me now and we are not looking back! The immediate impact Georgette, my first ROLF mannequin, has made is immediately improving my images of my clothes. Looking at how I did present my clothes before Georgette, feels like looking at an old high school year book. "Damn son, you have come a long way" I thought as I uploaded new images to my Big Cartel site. I almost became emotional about it, but I just took a deep breath, and let it pass. Art provokes strong emotions within me.

I am eager to record a video with Georgette wearing clothes of mine. All of this is really provoking a strong understanding of how big a moment this is for me, as an artist, and as a fashion designer. I am full of confidence to really start pushing the envelop of my creativity within fashion. Be prepared for some weird shit to start happening with my fashion designs. Looking ahead, I would like to invest in maybe 2 or 3 more mannequins for my upcoming art show at the Park Circle Gallery in February, 2024. Just thinking about adding mannequins, with my clothes on, standing in a gallery, with my paintings, will be a great achievement for me as an artist. Now, how do I get there LOL? I love the possibilities that have opened up for me with Georgette part of my creative process now. My future looks bright! Go Rolf Go!


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