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Breaking the Picture Plane: Pallet Painting No. 2 - WIP

The picture plane. The space that artists use to create art on. But this is not always the case. The picture plane, as I understand it, is my reference for the pervious four years of work. I only started questioning the picture plane as I began to complete my final paintings for the South Carolina Arts Commission's Emerging Artist Grant. And it was those final three paintings that provoked me to think outside the traditional rectangle/square motif. While I thought about it, the final three paintings I finished in May of 2023, did break the picture plane within, but still held the idea that a painting needed to conform to the boundary plane of a geometric shape. My Pallet Paintings do not. And this is rejuvenating my interest in exploring ideas beyond traditional painted surfaces.

Untitled; Pallet Painting No. 2: A Work in Progress; identifies my desire to no longer serve the traditional space of said geometric boundary. And instead, allows me to work without boundaries. This, is the ultimate gift of art. To work without rules. To not look over your shoulder while you create. And finally, to reward your audience with art that speaks to your authentic self. While Pallet Painting No. 2, is a WIP, I consider that the idea is born and forming. No longer requiring a wall to acknowledge the identity as a painting, this floor piece stands erect, and fully transforms the viewer into a new experience. The raw, unpainted duck cotton canvas, is a monster hiding within the work. The tension of which part of the work is announcing itself to the world first, and which component is secondary is a wonderful example of generating conflicting information to the audience. I fucking love this piece! I just hope I can finish it with a strong intent.

So don't get me wrong. I love the picture plane. Heck, I will continue painting on the traditional space because that is not a place to abandon. It is my comfort food. A security blanket to help me trace my roots as an artist. But my excitement for the pallet paintings can not be held back. If my future pushes me away from the picture plane and into more non-traditional spaces and materials, I welcome that. Because, as an artist, you must evolve to uncover your true spirit. Now....GO MAKE SOME ART!


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