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Art Jokes Life: A ROLF Podcast

I started a podcast y'all!! How uncool is that LOL? But seriously, I am super excited to begin a new journey into the podcast ring. I am using my experience from creating comedy videos/reels for Instagram, and taking the leap of faith into this medium that is wildly popular. "Have you heard the (insert name) Podcast?", is something I heard routinely around the water cooler at work and at different social events I attained. So why not join this circus and really see if anyone listens to me. And to let you know, at the time of writing this blog post, I have my first Podcast available on Spotify and it is called: "Let there be ROLF". It is really a triumph for me and allows me to really flex my creative muscle because all you are doing is talking. Or at least, that is what I am doing now. Curious to see what develops. And what is within the "Art Jokes Life" podcast? Great question. Let's break that down.

As the title title suggests, art, jokes, and life is at the heart of this podcast. For my first episode, and to give my start into podcasting some structure, I developed a list of topics. I found this to be a great way to keep the podcast going, but realized that 30 minutes is a long time for someone to listen to just me talking. But honestly, it's my podcast, and I will do it my way. So I plan to keep the episodes under 30 minutes. Also, the following a list of topics is lovely, and I will carry this into episode 2. There is so much great material to speak about that I hope I don't loose focus and go down too many rabbit holes. But maybe that is what the people want. Craziness. Generally, I don't keep my self to focused on one particular area, as art, jokes, life, is really me trying my best to understand the world around me, and inside me LOL. I hope you enjoy AJL.

So to find my podcast, it is available on my art website ( as well as this site, and if you have the Spotify app, look up "Art Jokes Life", you should find it. I don't know if my podcast is available anywhere else, but those places should get you started. Enjoy! And to close, I will offer those curious about podcasting that it was the easiest thing I could have setup for myself. I did it all while at work. I downloaded the "Spotify for Podcasting" app, setup my account, which meant signing up for Spotify (not a bad deal - it's free), and quickly got things moving. The most amazing thing I did, was the cover art for my podcast which I believe is the most important thing next to the content of your podcast. A reference point for people. Now, I just need y'all to follow me and listen to the words coming out of my mouth LOL. My recording setup is very basic and I will discuss that in another blog post. But really, all you need to do is record with the app directly into your phone, and you have your first episode. Good luck y'all and listen to "Art Jokes Life" podcast because, the science says, it will change your life. For good, maybe, for bad, definitely. Peace!


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