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RAC Pricing Structure

Before you start to interpret the RAC Pricing Structure, and begin to analyze the RAC Pricing Packet, consider the following questions:

How important is my art career?

Am I willing to invest in my art career?

Is my art practice a hobby or a lifestyle?


Review the information below.
If you have any questions or are interested,
contact RAC today


Thank You!

The RAC Client Structure - 4 Tiers

Tier 1 RAC Client: FREE
Visits RAC Website and Watches RAC Videos

Tier 2 RAC Client: Purchases RAC Products

Follows Tier 1 behavior and also buys RAC Products

Tier 3 RAC Client: Single Month RAC Contract

This Client is attempting to leverage existing art career goals

and needs RAC Individual Consulting to go to the next level

Tier 4 RAC Client: Three Month RAC Contract

Tier 4 Clients are ready to get shit done!

They have the support of family and friends,
agreed to the terms of the
three month RAC Contract,
and are prepared to put in the work that Rolf will ask of them. 

RAC Group Consulting

RAC Bootcamp
Intensive 1 or 2 Day Bootcamp for developing and deploying
a RAC service or services for a group.

RAC Speaker Series

For 1 hour, RAC Founder, Rolf Anthony Young, will speak to a group, organization, school, or company about RAC and what it offers.
A Q & A follows the presentation.

RAC Speaker Series also includes motivational
speaking to get your group, organization, or company

energized to meet deadlines and accomplish goals together. 

The RAC Pricing Packet:

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