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RAC Individual Consulting

RAC Individual Consulting Contract Includes:

One month of weekly or bi-weekly meetings, with research, development, deployment and support of existing goals with intent to achieve greater success.


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What is the RAC Individual Consulting?

This is the heartbeat of RAC. Directly supporting individual artists, small business owners, or educators who need to meet weekly, to discuss their professional goals and how to accomplish them. The RAC Individual Consulting Contract is designed for a month of support through intense one-on-one meetings in-person, on Google Meet, or another virtual platforms. The goal with individual consulting is to achieve success for a client who is working on existing career goals and needs support in taking those goals to the next level.

Consider This:

Individual Consulting works best for potential clients who have established art career objectives and goals, and are NOT looking to add new RAC services to their workflow.

Tier 4 Client – The Full RAC Package

A Tier 4 Client, is one that has completed and submitted the RAC Survey, met with RAC Founder, Rolf, finalized a RAC Curriculum, and is now ready to commit to a Full Package Contract with RAC. The potential client is ready to commit to a 3 month process that will take what little information they know, and see their goals fully realized within 90 days. A client who commits to a 90 day contract receives RAC’s full support in all the services the client needs. By using the approved curriculum, the client and Rolf have a roadmap to follow which will allow for their ideas to fully develop.


It is HIGHLY recommended that clients who desire in becoming Tier 4 Clients, have a thorough understanding of the finalized curriculum, spent time with Rolf discussing their career goals and understand what is expect of them, reviewed material on the RAC website, and have spoken to family and friends about this opportunity. Remember, this is an investment into your art career.


This is NOT for those who practice art as a hobby. Or, for those who don’t consider their art practice a priority in their lives. You need to be committed to your art to take advantage of service. Ideally, the Tier 4 Client is a working professional artist, who spends about 20-40 hours on their art practice per week.

Tier 4 Client Contract Includes:

Weekly and/or Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls.

Full development of all identified RAC services for the client.

Full deployment of services that allows for instruction to move to application, then to full understanding, and finally independent maintenance.

The Tier 4 Client will be able to use the service(s) on their own and feel confident in how to manage the service(s) post contract.

Full Support

Along with Coaching Calls, RAC provides support services for the duration of the contract to help the client with all obstacles during introduction.

WTF Moments

This happens to all of us! RAC is here to help. With a Full Package Contract, you can trust RAC to help you through all the difficult challenges,
and come out alive! We will figure this out together.

The RAC Pricing Packet:

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