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You Can't F#ck This Up - A Online Workshop

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OBJECTIVE: I often have conversations with other artists and art lovers, that some find creating an abstract work of art is difficult. As someone who has been creating abstract art for over 10 years, I firmly believe ANYONE can create an abstract painting. This 5-part workshop called "You Can't F#ck This Up!", is my attempt at bring the ideas of how to create an abstract painting to the masses. This workshop is about understanding how accidents, or mistakes you believe you made while working on your art, are really mini breakthroughs in your art practice you should consider. The ONLY mistake is not trying. WHO THIS IS FOR: I designed this online workshop for EVERYONE. All that someone needs is the desire to step into the world of abstraction and find out what really resonates with them. You will need to identify a “studio” for creating art. This can be any space that you have access to where you can let your creativity blossom. As someone who has made art in all types of spaces, my “studio” evolves as my art evolves. You will also need supplies. Something to make marks with. Step 2 of this online workshop speaks to the idea of materials for your abstract art. FRIENDLY REMINDER: This online workshop was created from my own experiences as an artist. You will discover your own path for creating abstract art. That is the point. To make it your own. And the most important thing I can suggest is…HAVE FUN!! PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a "how to" workshop. Rolf

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You Can't F#ck This Up - A Online Workshop

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