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ROLF Artist Consulting

Helping Artists Reach Their Professional Goals


"My curriculums are designed to increase productivity, generate more income, reduce expenses, and create the art career you have always dreamed of."

- Rolf Anthony Young, Founder

RAC Online Workshops

RAC Online Workshops

RAC Online Workshops

RAC Online Workshops

RAC Online Workshops

RAC Online Workshops

RAC Online Workshops

RAC Online Workshops

RAC Online Workshops

RAC Online Workshops

RAC Online Workshops

RAC Online Workshops


Rolf Anthony Young

Online Workshop Instructor

Opening in May 2024

Monday Morning Kickoff Meeting at RAC Headquarters on James Island, SC

What is RAC?

ROLF Artist Consulting (RAC) is a consulting firm for artists. Founder Rolf Anthony Young understands that the work of artists is fundamental to society. Artists must balance life responsibilities, the demands of the studio, and have time to manage a creative business. And priorities get shifted. Enter RAC. Rolf built RAC to help artists prioritize their professional goals, so they can generate more income, spent more time in the studio,
or take a day off!

 With 20 years experience working in corporate America, and 10 years experience working as a professional artist, Rolf understands what it takes to manage a professional art career. By hiring Rolf, artists receive dedicated one-on-one consulting to help them determine their professional goals, improve growth, and maximize productivity.

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RAC Products, Services, and Consulting

Curious to know what is available from RAC? Maybe you want to watch some RAC Videos? Or maybe you want to purchase a RAC Product?
Click on the icons below to learn more. Enjoy!

Performing Art Class

RAC Group Consulting

Friendly Conversation

RAC Individual Consulting

The RAC Bootcamp & RAC Speaker Series are available with Group Consulting.

RAC Individual Consulting is great for those who want to take existing goals to the next level.

A man taking orders

RAC Products

RAC Products are Instructional Workbooks that you can purchase and download directly from this website.

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RAC Services

There are over 20 RAC Services available to future RAC Clients. Check them out!


RAC Videos

The RAC Videos are a great way to learn about RAC, and decide if you want to become a Client.

The RAC Pricing Packet

"I love to know what things cost so I can make better decisions with my money. This is very true for my own personal spending. As a small business owner, I feel compelled to provide my potential clients with the RAC Pricing Packet. This packet identifies the price of all products, services, and consulting options. The RAC Pricing Packet will be updated monthly. I look forward to working with you."

- Rolf Anthony Young, RAC Founder

What is the RAC Pricing Packet?

The RAC Pricing Packet is the guide for learning all the pricing structure for all the RAC Products, Services, and Consulting options available to potential clients.

How to use the RAC Pricing Packet

The RAC Pricing Packet allows potential clients to determine what exactly they want to invest in, determine a budget before committing to a RAC contract, and understanding all the products, services, and consulting options available.

This is also a great tool to help you forecast your budgets for your organization, company, school, or artist guild, if you want to add RAC to your upcoming fiscal year projections.

PLEASE NOTE: The RAC Pricing Packet is updated monthly.
What is the RAC Survey?

Rolf Anthony Young designed the RAC Survey as a gateway into understanding his clients, the artists. The RAC Survey is the first step in identifying what you really want to accomplish as an artist, your goals, and what you think is holding you back.


The RAC Survey is flexible, easy to use, and you can work on it at your own pace.  The process is meant to help you, not hinder you. The RAC Survey is a great opportunity for you to really dig into your life as an artist.

How to Get your RAC Survey:
Signup for the RAC Virtual Service - RAC Survey Included

- or -
Download a copy of the RAC Survey from the Shop - $29.99

Submit the RAC Survey:


Email RAC your completed survey to Rolf
- or -

Use the UPLOAD & SUBMIT buttons below for submission. 







A notification will be sent to your email within 24 hours after you submit your survey. If you don't receive a notification, please contact RAC.

RAC Founder, Rolf Anthony Young will schedule your 1 hour consultation - $69.99

Consultations are held on Google Meet 


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What Does RAC Offer? 

  • Artist CV / Resume

  • Website Development & Deployment

  • Benefits of Cloud Storage

  • Exhibition Proposals

  • Digital Photo Editing

  • Artist Bio

  • Artwork Critiques

  • Artist Statement

  • Grant Writing

  • Cultivating Social Media

  • Artist Business Management

  • Market Research

  • Submissions

  • Photo Shoots

  • Digital Portfolio

  • Collecting Artwork

  • Artist Residencies

  • Robust Marketing Campaigns

  • iPhone Video Production & Posting

  • Embracing Documentation

Don't see a Service or Services you need? Let RAC know.

We can figure it out!

RAC at a Glance

The RAC Survey provides Rolf with the data that will
determine how best to support your art career

Meetings scheduled with Google Meet

RAC designs a personalized curriculum for each client,
and helps them deploy their knowledge successfully


Group consultations encouraged to help reduce cost

Rolf is an artist too!

RAC is successful when the clients are successful

RAC Company Profile:

Established: March 2023

Headquarters: James Island, South Carolina

Number of Employees: 1

Helping Artists locally, nationally, and internationally

Is RAC for Artists only? No. RAC is for everyone!


Send RAC A Message Today!

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